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Vantage Towers one and only focus is on the wireless communications marketplace. Whether leasing space to wireless carriers at one of our tower facilities or providing management and marketing services for independent tower owners, who may prefer to contract these serves to others. We are committed to provide the best in quality and value to those who we serve.
Vantage Towers understands the needs of our clients. We have managed wireless voice communications on the service provider side of the business and are building networks where we will provide wireless broadband services to both the private sector and governmental agencies. Because of this hands on experience, we understand what is required to serve our customers and compete in today's competitive marketplace. Quite frankly that is the type of understanding and service you can provide only when both parties have the confidence to form a joint effort which clearly focuses on the common objectives.

Vantage Towers is committed to providing cost efficient value to our customers. While cost is usually the most important factor, Vantage understands that the real value comes in the assurance of a quality facility and service. The optimizing of schedules that allow our customers to reach their required need dates whether those milestones are Online Connection dates or attaining their On Air requirements as quickly as possible. These items combined with the ease of implementing of the overall process is what gives our customers true value and sets Vantage Towers apart from are competitors.

Vantage Towers assures our ability to provide cost efficient value to our customers by utilizing proven, experienced subcontractors and vendors. We screen our suppliers to assure that we are receiving the most competitive pricing and that our scheduling commitments will be met. This screening process includes bid evaluations, schedule checks and quality assurance reviews. All construction and installations are accomplished under Vantage Towers onsite supervision. This supervision constantly updates our deployment scheduling system. We understand that the word teamwork is more then just a catch phase and that the key to success is surrounding yourself with people that share your commitment.

The ability to achieve your goals and assure that your commitments are honored really comes down to people, At Vantage we understand this principal. Our philosophy is simple; hire experienced proven personnel who will make the same commitment that Vantage has to our customers. Support our people with the correct tools to assure their productivity and success. Vantage Towers is committed to helping our people meet your goals.